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Since the class qualifies as a Section 501(c)(3), both class dues and donations may be taken as tax deductions.

Class Dues - Keep our Class Going Every Year!

Class dues do not go to the University, but are instead used to support Class of 1988 projects and activities. Do you enjoy keeping up with the PAW Class Notes?  Attended a tailgate?  Gone to a regional class event?  Enjoyed free beer at an off-year reunion?  Class dues fund all of those!  Please stay current on your class dues, it helps all of us.  Also, if you happened to miss a year when you were off climbing the Himalayas, you can even pay dues for a previous year!  Login to see your payment history.

Tigership Dues - Current Year
Tigership Dues through 2023
Regular Dues - Current Year
Regular Dues through 2023
Dues for a Previous Year

Class of 1988 Memorial Scholarship

In 1990, our class established the Sam Mitra Memorial Scholarship.  In 1999, it was renamed the Class of 1988 Memorial Scholarship, in honor and in memory of our beloved classmates that have passed away. Each year our classmates give charitably and reliably to help support student scholarship on campus.  Please donate generously:

Scholarship Contribution

30th Reunion Community Service Contributions

For our 30th Reunion, which fell during The Year of the Dog, we chose to partner organizations that train service dogs.  The most commonly known service dogs are guide dogs, which are used to help those with visual impairments or blindness to find their way around and to protect them from obstacles in their way.  Our chosen partners are The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey, and Mercer County Puppy Raisers – a volunteer group in the local Princeton area who help the puppies from The Seeing Eye put their best paw forward to becoming guide dogs.  Part of their training includes socialization, which the pups have been happy to learn by interacting with Princeton students on campus.  If you have any questions about our continuing 30th Reunion Service Project with The Seeing Eye, please contact our Community Service chair: Leah Van DerVoort MacFarlane.

Community Service
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